Voucher system providing essentials each month


To ensure The Q Foundation kids get what they need on a daily and monthly basis we devised a voucher system that has been working successfully for three years now.

Each month the kids receive a set amount of vouchers that entitle them to water and two meals each day. Our older girls also get vouchers for their hygiene items.

Each voucher needs to be exchanged for fresh food at a named shop in their area on the date listed. To prevent forgeries, we also ensure the paper used changes each month.

Good food is essential for growth and development, which is why the food vouchers can’t be exchanged for sweets or other items, they are only valid for real food like chicken sticky rice, hot curries and rice, or other traditional meals. With many Buddhist, Muslim and Christian kids in our program, we also make sure that they all have access to the foods to fit their beliefs.

At the end of each month, our coordinator on the ground Khwan travels to each shop and counts and exchanges each voucher for cash to reimburse the shop owner. Khwan travels more than 120km each month to distribute the vouchers and reimburse the shop owners.

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