TQF Projects – Bikes & Road Safety Course

The roads in Kaper can be extremely dangerous particularly in wet season, which will now last until November. Despite the amount of accidents on the roads, helmets are hardly used.

With the safety of TQF kids at the forefront of our mind one of our big goals for this year was to run a road safety course that would teach the TQF kids the importance of wearing helmets and the road rules that would keep them safe. We also wanted to make sure every child had a pushbike to make going to school easier for them and their families.

13043268_1041139589287427_2597826910299058219_n Bike Q and JJ with Bike 2

After months of planning it finally happened on the 24th of April. We travelled over an hour to Ranong to buy the bikes. Jen, Kwan and Wayne coordinated the day with the help of Jeff and Lesley Thomas while the Kapoe Cycling Club taught the kids how to stay safe on the roads. It was so great to have all of the kids and their extended family present.

13043743_1041749219226464_5366811849872563612_n Boss Fook Fang Sainam First with Bike guys 1

The kids listened attentively and couldn’t wait to get on their bikes and try them out – with their helmets of course! But before they did we put on a feast for the kids and their families.

13083121_1041749252559794_7471394544150148708_n 13096098_1041749312559788_968461637006430990_n

When it came time to put their new skills to the test the excitement was overwhelming. The kids started chanting “The Q Foundation”.

13247733_1055268664541186_8973187143796471028_o Boong Ball riding bikes April 2016

We think Jen summed the day up best when she said, “Some life experiences are too big for words. I held it together today giving the 60 kids their bikes but I lost it when the parents thanked me. So not possible to hold back tears when something like this has such a huge ripple through the families and community.”

Since the safety course we are so pleased to report that we are seeing more and more kids riding around town wearing helmets.

Boong Riding Bike April 2016 13096097_1041749639226422_6488121997642713479_n

A big thanks to all who helped make this project a success. And thank you to you too! Without your generosity projects like this would not be able to happen.

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