TQF Kids | Meet Nee, Nar and Toppy

This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our sponsored families. Nee, Nar and Toppy live in Kaper with their Grandfather who lives next door to them.

A year ago their mother left to work in Phuket try to provide as much as possible for her family, though unfortunately due to her work commitments she is rarely able to make it back to the village of Kaper to see them.

IMG_9108 - small IMG_9109 - small

With three children to take care of resources are often spread very thin, we are so glad to be able to offer assistance to these beautiful kids to ensure they stay in school, are well nourished no have every opportunity available to them to help break the cycle.

Nee Nar Toppy

So let’s meet them shall we?

Nee -small

This is Nee. Nee is the oldest at 13. Now in high school, Nee’s favourite subject is English and she works hard in school with dreams of joining the army.

Nar - small

This is Nar. Nar is eight years old and is crazy about math’s. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Toppy _ AKA Poppy - small

And last but certainly not least is Toppy. Toppy is seven years old and while he doesn’t have a favourite subject in school yet he definitely knows what he wants to be when he grows up – a policeman.

By sponsoring a child or family you have the opportunity to change the course of a child’s life and it is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have. For less than one $1.00 per day, you can make the world of difference to a life and to a village.

Make a donation today.

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