TQF Kids – Meet Lonna

This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to Lonna, one of the sweetest girls you are ever likely to meet.

Lonna Kitchen april 2016

To say Lonna is doing it tough would be an understatement. She is 13 and lives with her elderly grandmother in the village of Kaper, Thailand. While Lonna has siblings, her grandmother could only afford to care for Lonna.

Lonna with Grandmother April 2016 2

The Q Foundation founder, Jen got to meet Lonna and her grandmother on her recent trip to Thailand. “While I was over there we took them a bag of rice and Lonna’s grandmother burst into tears. You never forget moments like that, when you are reminded that something so small and insignificant to you can mean the world to someone else.”

Lonnas House April 2016 1

In their small home they have no running water or power and they don’t have a solid roof, wall or floor in their house. They don’t even have a bathroom, only an outside toilet with a big cement pipe next to it for a shower.

Lonnar  12449278_1056068987771088_702263716_o

“With wet season lasting until November, no solid roof is a major problem for their health and wellbeing. Lonna and her grandmother don’t know it yet but I’m personally seeing to it that we get their roof fixed so they don’t have to spend days and nights in the rain.” Jen said.

Lonnas House April 2016 2

In case you are wondering, a new roof will cost Jen $80. A small price when you consider the impact it will have on their living conditions.

Lonna bedroom

If you met Lonna you would have no idea of her struggles. She is so kind, genuine and warm. Her ultimate dream is to be a doctor, and with your help and support she’ll be well on her way to achieving that.

Sadly Lonna’s story is not unique or rare. There are so many more kids like Lonna waiting for sponsorship through The Q Foundation. With your help we can continue to bring health, hope and happiness to the lives of more children right around the world. Donate or sponsor a child today here.

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