TQF Kids | Meet Boy

This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to Boy, one of our oldest boys in The Q Foundation.

Boy is nearly 17 and is currently in his first year of college. He is studying to be an electrician and has two more years ahead of him before he goes on to study another two years in a higher college, which is more in line with a degree here.


To get to college in Ranong Boy travels one hour each way every day by bus. He gets up early and eats breakfast at home then has lunch at college, which is usually chicken rice.

To ensure Boy can attend college, The Q Foundation helps his family out by paying for his education, lunch and bus pass.


Boy with Bear and Boong.

During holidays, Boy works in a restaurant in Phuket to earn extra money for his family.

Boy Q Note with bike Horsing around

Boy, Q and Note at the Bike and Road Safety day last year.

When you sponsor a child through The Q Foundation, you are changing the life of a child like Boy’s forever. Click here to donate or sponsor a child today.

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