The Opportunity to Start Over: Ning


Ning had always dreamed of becoming a nurse and worked hard to get into university. However, when she started the course, she was turned away for being too small to lift patients. She was devastated – and rightly so. 

No longer studying and living with very old grandparents, she told us she would be leaving The Q Foundation earlier last year to become the breadwinner for her family. Needless to say, we were very sad to see her go and told her that if ever she wanted to study again to get a better job, we would support her.

She ended up getting a job in a bar in Phuket for six months, and it was a tough life for her. She came back to us and expressed her interest in studying in Bangkok to be a nurse’s assistant. We jumped at the chance to help her again. That six-month course will give her an income of around $440AUD per month on graduation – enough to provide her with a future that will help not only her but also her grandparents.

Ning will live on campus during this time, and we will cover her education and living expenses (around $2,500AUD). Here at The Q Foundation, you aren’t out if you fail. We believe that the way to grow is to make mistakes and learn from them. So that is what we let the kids do – and then we pick them back up when they are ready to give it a real go again. We are committed to helping the kids not only get an education but a promising future.

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