The gift of hope


I love this time of year. The start of a New Year brings renewal, the opportunity for reflection, a reminder to be grateful and the promise of hope.

But for some it isn’t a time full of love and laughter. For some it is a reminder of what they don’t have. From the loss of loved ones to the loss of hope that life will ever change, it can be a hard time for many.

There are children in the world who don’t wake up on Christmas Day to presents and loved ones. Who don’t greet the New Year with anticipation and fireworks or get to shop and prepare for ‘back to school’. To them it’s just another day, another time to survive.

With no safe place to lay their head, no food to eat, no clean water to drink, no medical care and in many cases no family, to them it can seem as though there is no hope or future.

But we are committed to changing this. Heading off to Thailand on Christmas Day we will be visiting Q’s village (read more about Q’s story here) bringing supplies, assistance and Christmas cheer to the children in the village.

For them this year will be different. A year of change and hope. With progress already being made in the village, water and food are now available. Shelter is being organised and many are starting to receive an education to give them a different, brighter future.

Making a difference in the world can often seem overwhelming, impossible even. But the truth is you can make a world of difference one child, one village at a time.

So when you are writing your New Year’s Resolutions or goals for this coming year remember to include some outside yourself and your family to leave your mark.

We all have the responsibility to leave this world a little better for being here. How will you do that this year?


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