THAT Dress…

While the Internet was freaking out about whether a dress was blue and black or white and gold, I was freaking out about a dress of my own.

You see on the 9th of February I was set a challenge. A challenge to wear a formal dress in front of thousands of people to raise funds for The Q Foundation.

For many it would seem like an easy challenge, enjoyable even. But there was one problem. You see wearing a dress literally terrifies me. While some people I know love nothing more than to dress up and wear beautiful dresses, for me the thought is almost paralyzing. It had been 20 years since I had worn a dress and I had no plans of changing that any time soon.

Well that was until ringleaders Jennifer Schultz, Carmen Rumsey and Melinda Tory decided it would be the perfect challenge for me to do to raise money for the launch of The Q Foundation and help build some momentum to meet our funding goal of $100,000 this year.

I was faced with a choice. A choice many of us encounter all throughout our lives – move out of our comfort zone and reap the rewards or stay comfortable and not achieve our goals as quickly as we would like – if at all.

While it was a hard decision to make, it was easy at the same time. You see, The Q Foundation, our kids and the future kids we will help are my ‘why’. They are my passion, my reason for waking up with a bounce in my step and they are my legacy, how I intend to leave the world a better place. With motivation like that how can one say no?

So I agreed…begrudgingly some might say.

But with the announcement funds started coming in. We went shopping. You can watch the whole awkward fiasco here.

I got made up. Which, you can watch here.

I even got my legs shaved by sexy Steve!

Then there was the big reveal…



And our even bigger reveal that over $50,000 – half of our funding goal – was raised in the space of TWO weeks as a result of your generous giving!

So as painful as it was (and no I WON’T be doing it again), it was well worth the discomfort. But what’s more it gave me the wonderful reminder of just what we can achieve when we are willing to get out of our comfort zone. Life can get in the way, but when you find your ‘why’ it can get you moving. Don’t watch your life from the sidelines; get up and in the game!

P.S. The gorgeous dress I wore is now being auctioned on eBay to raise even more funds for our amazing kids. Jump on over and make a bid here or share it with someone you know who would live it.

P.P.S. Feel free to hit me with ideas that some of our ringleaders should do to raise some funds of their own!!


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