Seven ways you can make a difference every day


Have you ever wondered what you can do to possibly make a difference? Be assured the little things you do each day do count! To help you continue to make a difference here are seven ways you can make an impact with your life and continue to brighten someone else’s.

The gift of time

Time is one of our most limited resources and it’s one of the most valuable gifts we can give. Spending quality time with your loved ones, driving an elderly neighbour to the shops, brightening a shut in’s day by stopping in for a cuppa or volunteering at a charity are all ways you can give of your time and show how much you care.

The gift of your talents

Are your talents being buried in the humdrum of everyday life? Are you a good organiser or baker? Are you a great artist or musician? Perhaps it’s time to get in touch with your gift and donate your works or skills to your favourite charity for an auction or raffle.

The 5000 Poppies Project to commemorate our Anzacs started in someone’s kitchen or sitting room. Get involved by doing something you love, not only will you hone your talents, you might learn new ones that benefit others too!

The gift of a smile

It has been said that a “smile is the window to the soul”. A genuine welcoming smile can make the world of difference to others, and it can lift your own spirits. You never know the value of your smile and where it may lead until you give it away, so try it today!

The gift of influence

Taking an active interest in organisations that are making a difference and sharing their message on your social media or across your database can be a powerful way to get the message across. All it takes on your part is a quick moment to hit ‘like’ ‘share’ or ‘send’. Such little effort yet you have done your part to raise awareness and pass the message along.

The gift of money

We can become so caught up in acquiring more that along the way we forget about compassion for our fellow man. Why not make a family pact to forgo that second cup of coffee or snack on the way to or from work/school for one month and donate all the money saved. You will be teaching the next generation a valuable lesson about giving and possibly encouraging a healthy lifestyle change!

The gift of kindness

There’s a reason Random Acts of Kindness have spread worldwide so effectively, seeing or imagining someone’s reaction can bring so much joy. From mowing a neighbours lawn while they are out or away, to paying for someone’s petrol or groceries there are loads of opportunities each day to do a random act of kindness for someone.

Giving to others is a gift we give to ourselves. We may never know the impact our giving has on others but we will notice the impact it has on our own lives. Make this year a year of giving and enjoy the changes in your life!

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