Operation Goodnight – New Mattresses and Bedding For The Kids in Kaper

Have you ever experienced that blissful feeling of hopping into a nice, soft, comfortable bed with clean sheets at the end of a hard day? There really is nothing quite like it!

So when we found out some of our new sponsored kids had never had a bed (they were sleeping on plastic sheets on the ground), and that most of our kids had never had new bedding (always hand me downs) we knew we had our next project sorted – Operation Goodnight.

The aim of Operation Goodnight was to supply beds and bedding to every sponsored child. Even some of our first sponsor children came in to give us a hand. Here’s Aon helping us organise the mattresses.

Aon Helps out   12449540_1056121871099133_1956812497_o

Delivering the bedding was amazing. There were so many smiling kids and so many grateful parents and grandparents. Here’s Pair and Um receiving theirs.

Pear and Um (5)

Wayne House, one of our Thailand coordinators (featured below with Am), said, “It was one of the most feel good things I have ever done in my life. We got so many smiles from kids who never smile. Many of the kids had no idea how to react, as they are not used to receiving gifts. It was an incredibly emotional process to go through and quite overwhelming for kids who have come from very troubled childhoods.”

Am 12449226_1056064701104850_1310500869_o

Here’s Egg receiving his – he was so excited!

Egg and Soon Woo   12449396_1056448967733090_314976718_o

But perhaps the best part of this project (besides the smiles and squeals) is the flow on effect. The brothers, sisters and elderly grandparents of TQF kids who were also without beds or bedding, now also have a comfy place to rest their heads. The reach of this project has gone far beyond our 60 sponsored kids.

Cartoon (16)

So as you put your head on the pillow tonight to sleep, remember the difference your donations and support have made to our 60 children and their families, because they will never forget it.

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