Lovely small ripples or a GIANT BOMB DIVE waves?

At The Q Foundation us directors take decisions very seriously. One we made at the last board meeting was do we take on lots more children now or do more with the children we have right now. The question to make many little ripples or a giant bomb dive in the pond.

We chose to go with the dive bomb. You see in the area where our 62 kids are is very poor rural Thailand farmland. Primarily rubber tree farms and small crops. I realised on a trip there last year that the kids all said they wanted to be in the army, teachers or nurses because that’s all that’s there. They did not have bigger visions because they had no way of conceiving anything else was possible.

So putting more kids into school is awesome however their choices in their village are still so very limited. Our choice to make a huge splash means that we take the kids through their education past regular school to a trade college and beyond (which are not found in their village) so that they can gain a serious career and be able to then contribute back to their families and the village AND give hope to the other children coming through. We believe that this will also inspire those helped to go on and bring through future the next generations.

HOPE is huge. We all need to feel hope in our lives and it is one of the core values of The Q Foundation. Are there lots more children to help even just in that area…. absolutely and we will continue to grow AND focus on making giant bomb dives and resulting huge waves not just ripples.

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