Family Careers Day

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Two years ago when Jen was visiting the kids, she quickly realised that we kept getting the same answers to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Again and again, she would hear “army”, “teacher” or “nurse”. Why? Because that is all the kids had seen and had no way of conceiving anything else was possible for their lives.

Knowing how important education is in breaking the cycle of poverty; here at The Q Foundation, we committed to seeing the kids through their entire education.

Past high school and on to a trade college and beyond so that they can have the career they want and be able to contribute back to their families and village, and give hope to the next generation of children.

This was the inspiration behind our Family Careers Day for the kids. When you can open a mind to new possibilities and provide kids with educational opportunities, you give them the chance of breaking the poverty cycle.

120 people attended the Careers Day – with several families still away on school holidays so you can start to see the impact we are having on the local community! Everyone was fed lunch and given food to take home.

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