Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Boy, Boong and Bear

Boy Bear Boong

When we first started The Q Foundation, we could never have imagined just how far the ripples would go. One of the best illustrations of this is in the dear family of Boy, Boong and Bear.

Boy, is the eldest in the family and was one of our first students to graduate high school and go to Tech College to study to be an electrician. To support Boy with his studies (as well as some of the other Q Foundation graduates), Boy’s father and sister Boong moved to Ranong.

The following year Boong started studying hospitality. But living separately put strain on the family. With Bear, the youngest, inspired to go College at 15 to study hospitality and cooking like her sister Boong, their parents made the decision to sell the family farm and buy a small block in Ranong so all of the family could be together. 

Fast forward to now, and they are in the process of building a small home on their block. The parents own a small mobile BBQ Chicken motorbike business and the goal is to set up a family restaurant when Boong and Bear graduate. Boy will also graduate in just over a year to be a fully qualified electrician.

These are the kinds of ripples you help us create when supporting the work of The Q Foundation. The parents saw the opportunity available to their children, had a vision and went out of their way to make sure their children could have a future, working any jobs they could to support the family. 

The cycle of poverty is now broken with this family and the dreams of both the kids and parents are being realised. 

If you would like to help a family like Boy, Boong and Bear’s then we invite you to join our incredible giving community that is changing the lives of children forever in Kaper, Thailand. 100% of funds go directly towards a child’s education, welfare and basic needs.

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