A day at the beach…

For many of us a trip to the beach is a fairly regular activity – a daily activity even. But for The Q Foundation Kids it is an extremely rare event.

Despite living only 10-20kms away from the water, parents, grandparents and guardians have little time or money to be able to take them there.

So with monsoon season well and truly over Khwan and Wayne organised to take the kids on a special beach day out, and needless to say the kids were beyond excited.

When they arrived at the beach the kids piled out of the ute and squealed with delight as they ran onto the beach and plonked themselves in the sand.

As they sat there and chatted happily with the sand running between their toes, Khwan and Wayne made a rather surprising discovery.

photo 3-3

The Q Foundation kids had never played a game of dodgem ball!!

photo 3-1

Quickly scratching out a field in the sand Wayne and Khwan taught the kids how to play.

photo 2-2

Laughter filled the air with each bounce of the ball.

photo 2-3

As child after child got out, the field was made smaller and smaller until only the winner was left standing – Q!

photo 4-3

A quick swim was in store to cool down before they headed back to Kaper for their next surprise…

Chocolate sundaes and banana splits!!

As you can imagine, ice cream is something the kids don’t get very often so it is a huge treat – and it was the perfect end to a great day out.

It these moments of happiness and love that we want to keep bringing into the lives of The Q Foundation kids. If you would like to help us you can contribute here.

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