The Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving

I love this time of year. The celebrations, gifts, feasting, laughter and time spent with family at Christmas, and then the renewed hope that comes with the start of a new year. For many of us it’s a time filled with much joy and anticipation.

But for many others this time of year is a hard time. It’s a reminder of what they don’t have, and simply another couple of months they need to survive.

It pains me to know that there are children in the world who won’t wake up to presents at Christmas, who won’t greet the New Year with excitement, or get to experience the joy of ‘back to school’ shopping. That they won’t go to sleep with a full tummy, have the medical care they need when they don’t feel well, or even rest their head on a pillow.

It can be hard to comprehend that the basics we so often take for granted are considered luxuries for someone else.

So as we head into this time of anticipation and excitement I want to challenge you to remember what this season is all about – giving.

While it’s super fun to receive, the true gift is in giving. Ask anyone – myself included – who has given to someone in need and we’ll tell you there is no feeling like it. That joy of seeing or even just imagining their faces, it can’t be bought.

Here at The Q Foundation we’ve decided to bottle the joy this Christmas and give you the ability to share it with your loved ones through Charity Gifts.

With more and more people buying what they want, when they want throughout the year, Christmas gift shopping is becoming more challenging. So instead of hunting around the crowded shops and buying just another ‘thing’, why not honour your loved one by making a contribution in their name.

Imagine giving them a contribution like:

• New school shoes, sports shoes and socks ($50)
• 3 x School Uniforms and 1 x Sports Uniform ($100)
• A pushbike to travel to school instead of walking for miles ($100)
• School bus pass for a year ($150)
• Breakfast for 10 weeks ($200)
• Sports Equipment or School Resources ($250)

lphone 2015 962Boong and Boy with vouchers (2)

If you would like to purchase a Charity Gift for your friends and loved ones click here to donate. In the comments simply write what you would like to contribute to and the name of the person you would like to honour with your donation.

This Christmas give the gift that keeps on giving and help us continue to transform lives around the globe.

Thank you for your support!

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