100% of your money brings hope to children in need.

Join our incredible giving community that is changing the lives of children forever in Kaper, Thailand. All funds raised go directly towards a child’s education, welfare and basic needs.

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Bringing health, hope and happiness to children in need

Malnutrition, illness, flooded houses, broken roofs, no schooling, little food and no parents is the situation many kids face when they come into The Q Foundation. It’s a life no child should ever have to face – particularly alone.

Here at The Q Foundation we are committed to changing this. By providing children, teens and youth in Kaper, Thailand, with the funding they so desperately need to maintain good health, repair or construct accommodation and get an education that can open up a world of opportunity.

We help them in three key ways

Basic Needs

Ensuring children have access to clean water, nourishing food, personal hygiene items and adequate healthcare to maintain good.

Social Welfare

Providing financial support to families to ensure their children don’t go without the essentials of good food, shelter and an education.


Opening up career opportunities by providing resources and funding for children to finish high school and achieve tertiary qualifications.

Stories of Hope

Despite our humble beginnings as three friends with a passion to care for a handful of kids in Kaper, Thailand, the ripple effects from our giving and projects have gone further than we ever imagined.

Find out where we have come from and the success stories we’ve had along the way from installing much needed water tanks to kids graduating from Tech College. Warm fuzzies are guaranteed!

100 %
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to where it is needed most – the kids

Having a transparent approach to giving you will be able to see exactly where your donation is going and have the option to give a once off donation or provide ongoing support.

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